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Cots and beds for persons with special needs disabled children and adults

Cotswold Cots is a small business catering for the disabled child and adult, with 21 years experience of making cots,  of which the last 12 have been solely making secure sleeping units to ensure the safety of disabled persons and peace of mind for their carers.

Over the years we have come across many situations where parents are at there wits end,  for various reasons, some because the bed they have is not really secure, or the working height is causing them  back problems, others because they just cannot find a bed suitable within the constraints of their family budget.

For some families, the child has outgrown the baby cot provided, and due to their increased size and strength, accentuated in many cases by the behavioural problems associated with their disability, the cot is of no practical use for the safety of the child and a source of constant worry to their carers.

In providing for the younger disabled child, whose disability may mean no improvement in behaviour can be expected with age, we endeavour to design and build a unit which is practical, aesthetically pleasing, will assist the carer in managing the situation and above all keep the child safe while sleeping, thus allowing the carer some respite during the night.

This is not to be a short lived period of grace, our units are designed and built by us to allow for growth of the child so that they give years of service, some of our units are still in use 12 years after they were first supplied.

It is our firm belief that this can only be achieved with input from the carer, the occupational therapist, and ourselves, no child is the same, only those who are with them constantly fully know the capabilities of the child, the OT has valuable experience of many situations, we are experienced in working with disabled children and producing units in wood, with suitable padding where required, to keep the child safe.

We produce units for respite centre use with electric lifts where lifting and handling regulations can become an issue. Given adequate information, these units can be made perfectly suitable for individuals and their families without the use of electric lift mechanisms, thus greatly reducing  the cost.

On the subject of cost,
we manufacture all our units ourselves, we have no salesmen, and we don't import ready made beds. There are no middlemen in our operation, that is why we can produce a base model cot to suit individual requirements for around 850.00, considerably less than any competitor we are aware of.

Whilst we would not pretend to know all the antics or unusual  behavioural problems of every disabled child, because we are always learning, I can safely say that we have yet to meet a situation  that we haven't been able to provide for successfully, for family and child alike.

Cotswold Cots.
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Tel. 01993 842885
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